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Software testing description

Techzmatrix software technologies providing this course to introduces students to the software testing field. Software Testing Certification training is a program that helps a professional in shaping a career as a software tester.

The integrated training program delivered by Simplilearn includes Hewlett-Packard Application Lifecycle Management (HP ALM) testing training program and Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) online training. This training program will help to develop skills that are required to work on complex software development projects. By attending this Software Testing training, candidates will be able to gain testing knowledge on program delivery and will be offered course completion certificate from Simplilearn.


Software Testing is the process of executing an application with an intent to identify the bugs present in the application. The key objective of Software Testing is to ensure that the application meets the requirements specified in the requirements document. The software testing course is aimed at mastering you in both Manual Testing and Automation Testing.

Manual testing is the type of testing that is performed manually by the one whose primary objective is to identify the bugs and other unpredictable performance. Manual testing doesn’t involve usage of any tools. Manual testing consists of various phases which includes Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing and User Acceptance testing.

Test Automation is executed by the tester to test the software by using a tools like Selenium or UFT. Automation Testing is especially practiced to re-run the test cases or test scripts that are performed frequently, in a quicker amount of time. Automation testing can be done with various software’s which includes Selenium and QTP/UFT.


  • Manual testing

    Manual testing is the process of testing a software manually for defects. It will done by a tester to play the role of an end user whereby they use most of the application's features to ensure the correct behavior.

  • Automation testing

    Automated testing will be done by many of the testing tools, are capable of executing tests, reporting outcomes and comparing results with earlier test runs. These tools can be run the tests repeatedly, at any time of day. The following tools are using for the automation testing

    SeleniumJIRALoad RunnerUFT
    WinRunnerScrumTest DirectorAgile